6 Ways To Not Lose Sleep Over Your Wedding Day


We understand – there’s a lot of pressure to make your wedding day the most beautiful and meaningful of your life. If you work full-time, the stress of juggling both work and wedding planning will probably get to you. There is so much you need to do that you might even lose sleep over it all. So here are a few tips on how to manage the wedding planning process so it’s much more enjoyable.

#01 Don’t over-think it

Download our wedding planning checklist that’ll guide you on the task that requires your attention on a month to month basis. This list will help you stay organised and on track up till your wedding day.

#02 Don’t waste too much time online

Streamline the amount of online content you’re reading; pick 2-3 favourites. You’ll need a platform that provides inspirations and ideas, one to help you with sourcing vendors, and perhaps a wedding forum or something similar that will enable you to research and perform background checks on potential vendors. Ideally, one platform that will be your one-stop shop.

Don’t Pinterest too hard

There are lots of pretty things on Pinterest, it is not hard to get carried away. The best way to use Pinterest is to be purposeful about what you are searching for. Use keywords or colour themes to narrow down your search. Ask yourself, is this look realistically achievable, within my budget and align with the theme I’ve selected.

#04 Don’t leave things till the last minute

If you follow our checklist, most likely you would have gotten the major task out of the way and are left with some minor ones in the final weeks leading up to your big day. Remember to enlist help and delegate. Also, try to take the week before off work for some self-pampering session.

#05 Don’t party too hard

Try not to get too excited, especially on the night before your wedding. If you’re having a bachelor or bachelorette party, do it a week or two beforehand. That will allow you plenty of time to recover from your hangover, unwind and rest.

#06 Don’t think about what could go wrong

Imagining the worst helps nobody, especially yourself. Go with the flow, and remember that your guests are people whom you love and won’t mind one bit if anything goes wrong. Remember, you’re marrying the your perfect match and it will be a perfect day regardless.

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