16 Best Malaysian Wedding Photographers for 2024


Wedding photography is undeniably an essential part of every wedding event. With so many talented photographers in Malaysia, connecting with the right one to capture the essence of your wedding can be quite a challenge. Frankly, speaking, we were completely thorn putting this list together. it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it! Whether you are looking for classic, modern, or cinematic style of photography on your Big Day, these creatives behind their lenses offer the best personalised services paired with some killer skills. Keep your eyes peeled on 16 of the best Malaysian wedding photographers whom you should consider hiring for your wedding day.

Stephen Yau Photography

A Unique Wedding at The Chow Kit and Metal Bees Studio with a Touch of Goth Aesthetics

Stephen Yau, a wedding photographer who began his career in 2018, has rapidly established himself in the industry with a fervent passion for photography and a love for exploring breathtaking locations worldwide. His talent has not gone unnoticed; he has been named Junebug’s Top 50 Best of the Best Engagement Photo for two consecutive years. Stephen’s dedication to his craft and clients is truly commendable, meticulously capturing the perfect lighting and angles, providing expert direction to couples on their special day. Always on the lookout for new and exciting locations, Stephen’s work has taken him across Europe, Asia, and Australasia. His commitment to excellence ensures every couple’s wedding day is captured beautifully, making him a sought-after photographer in Malaysia.

Munkeat Photography

A Romantic Seaside Wedding in Positano, Italy

Munkeat is a well-known wedding photographer who has been consistently nominated as Malaysia’s top wedding photographers in recent years. With artistic flair coursing through his veins, Mun Keat comes from a long-line of photographers, where both his great- and grand father were portrait / wedding photographers back in the early 60’s. Influenced by the gravitas and timelessness of his grandparents black and white wedding portraits and the romanticism of film photography throughout history, Mun keat’s visually pleasing and emotionally moving photographs are true works of art that have taken him on a journey around the world. And after 17 years of photographing weddings, the joy of picking up his camera and shooting has not vaned.

Expert Advice:

Find venue with good natural light. I would say this point is often overlooked by couples when selecting their venue. Venue with ample natural light usually appear amazing on photos even with minimal decoration as it helps to bring out details and colours. Artificial down lights or spot light usually are harder to photography as it creates too much harsh shadows and colour tint which are not pleasant for portrait.

Louis Gan Photography

An Unconventional Whimsical Wedding at W Kuala Lumpur

For Louis, photography is more than a job. It is a passion that he brings to every shoot. From emotional moments of a wedding day to the simple joy of everyday life, his ability to curate unique and beautiful memories for each client is unmatched. While weddings make up a significant part of his work, Louis is always exploring new styles and techniques to improve his craft. He is not afraid to think outside the box and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Why Do You Photography Weddings?

To put it simply, a wedding is a joyous occasion. I feel a sense of happiness being able to capture these positive emotions. Clients become friends and seeing the transition from newlyweds to parenthood paints a picture of how valuable life is and what a privileged I’ve been given to document these moments.
I also enjoy being on the go and this job has allowed me to travel and see the world. When I photograph couples, I get to partake in their happiness and share their joy. What’s there not to love?

Manoj Photography

A Wedding At Ruma Hotel Kuala Lumpur With A Nod To Peranakan Roots

Known for its clean, modern, and minimalist approach to photography, Manoj’s keen eye for detail and aesthetics allows him to create stunning images that are both timeless and contemporary. This uprising young talent in the industry is constantly developing his skills in this area. Manoj continues to create a unique and personalised experience for each client, making him the new top choice for couples who want a truly special and memorable wedding photography experience.

Expert Advice:

My best advice is always to enjoy the day, and remember that everything will go by so quickly. At the blink of an eye, the day is over and remember that hiccups are bound to happen. However, it’s most important to truly be present in the moment and not fret the small stuff. When you look back at the wedding photos, you’d like to remember all the beautiful memories instead of stressful ones!

TRBAN Photography

A Vintage Glam Wedding at Jao Tim, Kuala Lumpur

More than just a wedding photographer, TRBAN Photography is a storyteller who captures the most precious moments of your special day. His passion for photography and love for people is reflected in his work, as he creates beautiful, timeless images that will be cherished for a lifetime. With a background in 3D Animation and Visual Effects, he brings a unique perspective to wedding photography that blends creativity with technical skills. Ban’s warm and outgoing nature enables his clients to feel comfortable and at ease, bringing out their best selves. He encourages fun and playful atmosphere, which he beautifully captures when working with couples.

Why Do You Photography Weddings?

When couples receive their final photos, the joy and emotion that shows on their faces is the reason why I choose to photograph weddings. The photos carry lots of meaning, as we not only capture the traditional shots, but also candid moments and emotions that tell the story of the day. I also enjoy building relationships with my clients and being a part of their special day. Most of them are still in contact with me and have now become friends!


Established in 2013, WSVS is a team of creative photographers who specializes in cinematography-style shoots, with a strength in creating sleek and sophisticated edits for their end product. They believe that a photograph becomes more than just a photograph when it captures the emotions and stories of the subject. This is the reason why the team are dedicated to understanding their clients’ stories and conveying them through their work. Their team of creative individuals are passionate about capturing feelings that lie beneath the surface, translating them into timeless works of art that their clients will cherish for a lifetime.

YungYaw Photography

A Wedding At Puncak Rimba That Embraced The Unplugged Nature

Yung Yaw is a talented wedding photographer with a passion for capturing real moments and natural emotions. his journey as a photographer began in 2006 and since then, he has honed his craft and turned his hobby into a career. Yung Yaw’s cheerful and fun-loving personality shines through in his work, making him a joy to work with on any wedding event. His philosophy of “simple life is a happy life”, is reflected in his approach to photography. Having him behind the lenses on your Big Day will ensure your wedding memories be captured with authenticity and full-heartedly.

Adam Ong Photography

A Glamorous Tropical Island Wedding Weekend at The Datai, Langkawi

Reading testimonials from Adam Ong‘s past clients helped us summarise that he is mostly known for capturing honest, real and emotional photos for weddings. His patience, kindness, joyfulness and nature of being accommodating during his photoshoot sessions enable him to capture candid moments that makes his photos appears ‘alive’. His ability to capture fleeting moments is highly appreciated by his past clients. Adam Ong’s Photography service is hassle-free and fuss-free, and this provides peace of mind for his clients once they engage with him for their wedding photography.

Jenny Sun Photography

A Modern and Elegant Wedding at Seven Terraces Hotel, Penang

A traveller at heart and a total romantic, Sydney-based Jenny Sun fell in love with photography in 2000, eventually finding her true passion in people and weddings. She feels there’s just something magically arresting about capturing people, expressions and emotions within the frame, and loves the buzz of being there to seize those special moments that people will carry with them for the rest of their lives. If you dig photographs that evoke deep romance, Jenny’s the one for you.

Ameir Fikri

Beginning his journey in wedding photography after getting inspired through his travel photography several years ago, Ameir Fikri is a passionate destination wedding photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His unique perspective and ability to conceptualise ideas through his surroundings takes him into the list of young photographer to keep our eyes on. Ameir’s work has been featured in various publications, and he continues allowing himself to grow in the industry with the desire to craft stories that are worth telling for generations to come. Ameir is ever-ready to embark on new adventures with couples to capture their special moments.

Expert Advice:

Get to know your photographer on a personal level! That way you get to get a feel of who they are and what their style is. That way you will get a realistic expectation of the outcome of your photos. Being in constant communication with your photographer would be a great start as Instagram only tells part of your photographer’s story.

Joshua Koh Photography

A veteran in this field, Joshua strives to capture heartfelt photos with genuine moments. His work is a mastery of the soft, organic, and timeless look that is brought together by drawing in the natural surroundings enveloping the clients he shoots. From initial impressions to final deliverables, he puts his clients at ease and goes the extra mile to bring out the best in them.

Why Do You Photograph Weddings?

I love to photograph simple genuine moments that tell the story of the wedding. I strive to capture heartfelt photographs that are emotionally honest, and that couple will look back on fondly in the years to come.

Zach Chin Photography

A Chic Nature Filled Dusty Blue Wedding At Tamarind Springs, KL

Even after 15 years of photographing weddings, Zach Chin treats every assignment like his first. Intentional and detail-oriented, he aims to provide a curated experience for each and every one of his clients. Unobtrusive in the intimate moments yet present when guidance is needed to create timeless portraits, he puts his best foot forward everytime and the results are powerful with photos not lacking in feeling. Eric, former groom//client – When it was decided that we would carry on with our ceremony outdoors, Zach instinctively took charge and went into the rain without a single sign of hesitation. Though initially dampen by the unexpected rain, our spirits lifted when we saw his enthusiasm. It was heartfelt, we felt his outmost commitment and support.

Why Do You Photography Weddings?

The love and connection still gives me butterflies every time I shoot. Every wedding, every couple is different, I still feel excited and nervous at the same time whenever I shoot a wedding. You will never get bored of it.

Daren Chong Photography

Photo by Daren Chong Photography theweddingnotebookcom
Photo by Daren Chong Photography theweddingnotebookcom

Ivory and Blush Oceanfront Wedding at Sergeant Mess, Sydney

Sincere, honest and romantic. Daren‘s work has a distinct editorial edge. He strives to get to know his customers on a personal level, building trust and a sense of ease which he believes would ultimately lead to photos filled with cinematic elegance.

Why Do You Photograph Weddings?

Passion led me here to be who i am today as a wedding photographer – capturing happiness is not just a click of the camera, it’s capturing a moment, a celebration of how beautiful life is.

Jasmine A Photography

A Wedding Sequel Oozing With Elegance and Sentiment

Cinematic with an abundance of emotion. Jasmine is passionate about capturing and documenting the connection and love story between two humans. Always looking to capture genuine moments as they naturally unfold, her process is mostly intuitive and in-the-moment because every couple is different. Her philosophy is that her clients get to be themselves, truly live their day and leave the recording to her.

Expert Advice:

Sometimes couples ask if we can replicate poses or shooting styles from a moodboard. As much as I appreciate my proactive couples, every love vibrates on a different electric level, and that means that its unfair and quite frankly, impossible for me to replicate someone else’s connection or poses. We’re about true experiences around here!

Based in Kuching, Malaysia, The Shots Gallery carry a distinct style. There’s a nostalgic, dreamy and psychedelic vibe to their work. Shooting with an editorial and photojournalistic approach, the outcome may seem esoteric to some. With an aim to shed light on genuine and soulful moments, they deliver still images featuring offbeat moments with a dreamlike quality.

Expert Advice:

In actuality, the clicking of the shutter is the final step of the entire process, everything else before has to be communicated both ways – direction, colours and applications to mitigate errors. To gauge our client’s expectations, we ask them to compile a look book made of 20 photos so both photographer and client would be able to meet in the middle.

Twins Photography

Amongst a sea of photographers, this unlikely duo stands out. Behind Twins Photography are brothers Ryan and Ronson who make working with a family look easy. For many, the wedding day can be daunting and nerve-wreaking, Ryan and Ronson take on their responsibilities with ease and brings calm to the picture. Capturing warm and genuine moments as they naturally unfold, they are pros at cultivating an atmosphere that allows my clients to relax and be themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How far in advance should I be booking my photographers?

When planning for an auspicious or popular wedding day or if you absolutely must work with a particular wedding photographer, make your booking 12-14 months from the date of your wedding day. To secure your preferred photographer on a weekend, make sure to contact them 12 months before. If you’re planning for a weekday event, a pre-wedding photoshoot or if your dates are flexible, most photographers advice that a 4-6 months lead time would be adequate.

2. Should I opt for a second photographer?

Most photographers are comfortable and skilled enough to capture most typical wedding days on their own. That being said, there are definitely advantages to having two photographers. It allows for more options in terms of your getting ready photos and better coverage of your ceremony including small details like decor. A second photographer would be able to cover the more standard wedding photos, is group photos, thus freeing your main photographer to produce more creative photos throughout your wedding day. If you’re having an intimate celebration, one photographer should do the trick. However, opt for a second photographer if you’re throwing a large wedding celebration, especially one with multiple events throughout the day.

3. How do I hire a second photographer?

Speak to your main photographer, most photographers have someone they work well with that they could team up with. If you have a preference, bring it up with your main photographer. Both photographers will need to discuss their roles on the day. Do not hire two photographers without first consulting your main photographers as it would cause confusion which results in poor outcome on your pictures

4. Should I hire the same photographer for my pre-wedding shoot and my wedding day?

Do note that the skill set required to shoot a pre-wedding day and actual wedding day varies. Therefore, look through a few gallery for both before deciding if you would hire the same photographer. Of course, hiring the same photographer would mean that you’ll have an apportunity to build rapport before the actual wedding day which is great!

5. What if I don’t have the budget for my photographer of choice?

Don’t sweat it, take a deep breath, you can still get beautiful images on a smaller budget. Be honest with those you approach, let them know your budget and they’d be more than happy to point you in the direction of someone with a similar style. And if your budget is nonexistent, you can always do some research on the best camera for wedding photography and get your most skilled friends or relatives to help. There is always a solution!


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