Bridesmaids: What Will You Be Expected To Pay For?

Being part of the bridal part is a big responsibility, not withstanding the monetary cost. While it’s by no means for the bridesmaids to pay for their outfit and the bride to foot the bill for the make up and hairdo, working knowledge of how the wedding bill typically shape out will no doubt help everyone all around. We know that when money is involved, tensions can run high. As important as a wedding celebration is, by no means should it come between you and your best friends.

The following is a traditional bridal party budget breakdown for your perusal. This breakdown serves only as a guide, as a bride you’re free to offer to pick up the tab however you see fit. Whether you are a bride or a part of the wedding party, honesty and transparency would help you navigate this tricky business


Traditionally the attire: dress, shoes, matching jewellery (if relevant) is bore by the bridesmaids. Talk to your bridesmaids about their budget and find what works. If you want your bridal party to appear a certain way and don’t want to compromise, you can offer to foot the bill. Alternatively, work out a solution where they pay for only one of these items. You can also match only their dresses, co-ordinate neutral looking shoes and jewellery so they can accessorise with something they already own.

Hair and Makeup

Local practice dictates that hair and makeup is commonly settled by the bridesmaids themselves. Some of your bridesmaids may want to tag along as you get ready, ask which of them would like to do so and co-ordinate with your make up artist early on so they will have enough hands on deck to get everyone ready on time.

Bachelorette Party

The bachelorette party’s expenses Is divided equally between the bridesmaids and maid of honour. The bridal party gets together to discuss their individual budget. To prevent embarrassment and discord, the maid of honour should contact each individual separately to get an idea on how much each bridesmaid would be comfortable spending. If the maid of honour have plans that involve a higher budget, basic etiquette calls for a group consult, she should then be prepared to chip in more than her share. The bride should be aware of her friends’ financial standing and lower her expectation to meet their budget.

Travel Expenses

Travel cost for an out-of town bridesmaid or a destination wedding is traditionally taken up by the bride. This includes major expenses like lodging and transportation.

Gifts for the Bridal Party

Bridesmaid gifting is common practice. It is a nice gesture to celebrate your relationship with the girl friends and appreciate them for their contributions and support for your big day. In Asian cultures, the parents of the bride also prepare monetary gifts as a gesture of appreciation to the bridal party.

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