What To Pack In The Maid Of Honour’s (Emergency) Kit


So many components goes into the making of a wedding. It’s only expected that some things may go awry, as the MOH, you would want to prepare yourself for any unforeseen circumstances and a handy Maid of Honour’s Kit would really come in handy for those little hiccups. These are a list of items to include in that kit. Feel free to enlist the help of others in the bridal party if you need an extra pair of hands.

#01 Mobile phone

If the bride has told everyone in advance that they should call you if they’re looking for her, then you won’t need to hold her mobile phone. Otherwise, make sure your clutch is big enough to hold both her phone and yours. Go through the iterinary the day before throughly and identify all the important individuals involved, save their contact numbers prior.

#02 Itinerary

Keep a simplified version of the itinerary so you always know where the bride needs to be. Clarify anything you’re unsure of before the wedding day.

#03 Bride’s lipstick

Your friend’s lipstick may run after fuelling up. Bring a natural toned lipstick for quick touch ups.

#04 Bottled Water and Straws

Carry around a small bottled water to keep the bride well-hydrated. A straw to prevent smudges would come in handy.

#05 Digestive Biscuits, Nuts or Power Bar

Keep some snacks on hand for a quick energy boost. These will come in handy for you too as you will be running around with your bride and may not have time to have a proper meal.

#06 Mints

Lack of sleep, stress or just eating the wrong thing can cause less-than-desirable breath. Carry some in case anybody – not just the bride – needs it.

#07 Safety Pins and Sewing Kits

Whether it’s a zipper that won’t work or a bouquet that’s falling apart, a tiny safety pin can do wonders. Keep several in your bag. We all have one of these mini hotel sewing kits lying around at home, pack those too.

#08 Money and important documents

Keep some cash on hand in case you need to make a quick dash, ie bottled water, snacks or medication to get something you may have forgotten. You may also need to carry the bride’s identity card if she’s leaving her purse behind.

#09 Tissues

The wedding day can get emotional fast, get packets of tissues ready. You may need to hand in out to the groom, parents, bridal party aside from the bride. You may need them too.

#10 Medication

Bring a couple of basics like Paracetamol and Anti-histamines. Remember to check in with the bride if she has any medical issues you should be aware of, such as gastric problems or allergies. Include any medications she takes regularly as well. Also, pack transparent bandage for blisters.

#11 Fashion Tape

To keep everything in place. Enough said.

#12 Hand Sanitiser

Your bride will need to greet many guest and an alcoholic sanitiser would come in handy.

#13 The Just-In-Case Box

Keep this in your room or the bridal car; it’s always better to be safe than sorry. An extra pair of heels, a pair of flats so she can rest her feet when no one’s looking, additional contact lenses and contact lens solution if necessary.

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