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Maid of Honour’s Role & Responsibilities


In the Anglo Saxon period, young maidens would be dressed similarly to the bride and accompany her as she makes her way to the groom’s village. They were meant to prevent spurned suitors from kidnapping the bride or stealing her dowry. Today, the Maid of Honour is no longer a decoy to deflect spurned suitors, nevertheless, her roles and responsibilities are many.

Who is the Maid of Honour?

Hand picked by the bride, she is typically a sister, relative or best friend to the bride. These days, this role is not confined to the female gender. The bride picks the person whom she can most rely on to carry out pre-wedding tasks and assist her on her big day.

What Is Expected Of a Maid of Honour?

Pre Wedding Duties:

Roles and Responsibilities of a Maid of Honour before the wedding day

#01 Discuss Your Role With The Bride

Congratulations! You’ve been assigned one of the most important role in the wedding party and is considered one of the closest person to the bride. Your responsibilities start way before the actual day. First things first, get together with your best friend to iron-out the level of involvement and support she expects of you. Discuss personalities and relationships the bride may need to navigate.

#02 Connect the Bridal Party

Since the bridal party may not know each other, your task is to set up a chat group to connect everyone. Get everyone warmed up and introduced. You also play an important role at keeping the peace between the group. It helps to identify before hand if there are any conflicting personalities or relationships amongst certain individuals.

#03 Consider Everyone’s Budget

It can be expensive to be part of the bridal party. Personally message each of the bridal party to discuss their budgets to maintain discretion. If you are able to do so, chip in on their behalf. If not, work within a budget that suits everyone. This an essential to-do before starting any plans on the bachelorette party.

#04 Plan the Bachelorette Party

This is probably one of the most time consuming task you will have prior to the wedding. The party can be simple or complicated. Don’t try to do everything yourself. Chances are, the other bridesmaids will be more than willing to help out. Brainstorm together and delegate.

#05 Confirm The Bridal Party Look With The Bride

Once the bride has decided on her wedding theme and style, talk to her about how she would want the bridal party to dress. Should you match accessories, hair, or shoes? Once decided, convey what was discussed to the rest of the bridal party.

#06 Go Dress Shopping With The Bride

Oh! This is a fun one. Help your bride shop, stay within her budget and give her valuable feedback on her look. Things can quickly get confusing in the bridal boutiques so remember to stay focus and steer your bride on the right track.

#07 Prepare Your Speech

Prepare your speech in advance, avoid leaving it till the end as there will be many things to do leading up the actual day. Don’t rush through the writing process.

#08 A Wedding Day Survival Kit

You’ll need to carry around a bunch of handy items to assist your bride on her big day. Read on to learn what you should include in this kit.

Wedding Day Duties:

Roles and responsibilities of the Maid of Honour during the wedding day

#01 Get Ready Early

Set your alarm to start the day early, get dressed early so you can start your duties. You’re expected be one of the first to arrive at the scene to support the bride as she gets ready.

#02 Behind The Scenes

Remember to take some behind the scenes footage, especially if the photographer has not arrived for momentos. These photos will serve as a nice keepsake for your friend when she looks back on her day.

#03 Gather The Bridal Party

Keep track of where everyone is, who needs a morning call etc. Make sure everyone is on time and on stand by especially when the photographers plan to take bridal party shots. You can always check with the photographers before hand to get a rough estimate on the time when everyone is needed.

#04 Provide Emotional Support

Pre-wedding jitters, unexpected hiccups and difficult family members can be one of the many reasons that may upset the bride. Be observant and provide emotional support for your bestie where she may need it. Be tactful with your words and quick on your feet with solutions.

#05 The Bridal Bouquet

Keep your best friend’s hands free as she walks, by carrying her bouquet for her to avoid her tripping over. During the ceremony, you may need to hold on to her bouquet during the vow and ring exchange. Remember to hand over her bouquet when it is time for her to walk back down the aisle.

#06 Keep Tabs on Everyone’s Roles

Go through the plans of the wedding day the night before. Keep reminders in your phone of each person’s task. Keep a lookout to see if they are carried out, if not, gently remind them their task.

#07 Make Sure the Bride Stays Hydrated and Eats

Check in periodically between the ceremonies and reception to see if the bride needs something to nibble or drink. It would be prudent to include a power bar in your kit to give her the boost she needs to face the marathon of a day. For a more fulfilling meal, try to get some food from the buffet line or kitchen before service. Most caterers will indulge you if you mention that it’s for the bride.

#08 Help The Bride With Toilet Breaks

The Bride will need help getting in and out of her dress or simply to hold up her dress while she makes a visit to the ladies’ room.

#09 Stand By For Your Speech

With so many things going on, it may slip your mind to stand by for your speech. Get someone’s help to remind you 20 minutes before you’re due up on stage.

#10 Have FUN!

Finally remember to have fun, after all it’s your best friend’s wedding and you’ll want to soak up every minute of the magical day.

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