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The Difference Between A Bridal Shower And A Bachelorette Party


In the Victorian era, women would gather to wish the upcoming bride well. They would then ‘shower’ her with gifts in the form of home goods. The time-honoured wedding tradition of celebrating a bride is also practice today in Indian customs with the Mehndi Party. The Malays’ have a similar celebration where henna designs are drawn on the brides’ hands and feet, theirs is the Adat Berinai. These gatherings are attended by the bride’s closest family and friends.

With the passing time, the etiquette for these affairs has certainly changed. With globalisation, most brides have adopted the trend of throwing a bridal shower or having a bachelorette party. Today the lines have been blurred and these celebrations are meant to celebrate the bride and her upcoming wedding day, to create sweet memories before she steps into a new phase in her life.

Let’s dive into the low down of each of these events before deciding which party you would like to have. Once you’ve decided, entrust the task to your best friend, sister or family and enjoy the celebrations leading up to your actual day.

The Main Difference Between A Bachelorette Party & A Bridal Shower

Who Is Expected To Play Hostess?

The Guest List

Timing & Venue

The Iterinary

The difference between the two events are start and akin to night and day. Now that you’ve got a clear picture, decide which of these you’d like to have. If you’re wondering if you can have both, the answer is: Yes! Learn more: Tips on Planning a Bridal Shower

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