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Source: Ruyi at Bangsar Shopping Center

The Oriental Group started with its first restaurant in November 2000 and now is recognised to be the top Chinese restaurant group in Malaysia specialising in fine Cantonese cuisine with a huge variety of outlets across the country (17 and counting). They are namely Oriental Pavilion, Noble Mansion, Noble M, Seafood World, Tang Room, Yuan Room, Oriental Sun, The Ming Room, The Han Room, Oriental Treasure, Oriental Star, Ruyi, Yu, Noble House, Noble Q, Noble House East and Oriental Landmark.

With its numerous outlets that are conducive for weddings, it is no surprise that 3 of its 17 restaurants were featured in our article of 15 best looking Chinese restaurant for your wedding.

Layout, Capacity and Wedding Packages

Oriental Pavilion530
Oriental Treasure260
Oriental Star930
Noble Mansion340
Noble M110
Noble House280
Noble House East150
The Han Room280
The Ming Room160

Oriental Pavilion Jaya 33 Layout

Oriental Pavilion Jaya 33 layout
Source: The Oriental Group

Oriental Star

Oriental Star Layout

Noble Mansion

Noble Mansion Layout

Only the layout of 3 restaurants are shown above. For the remaining 14, please visit this link. For extensive details of what is provided at each restaurant, namely whether it provides karaoke, live band sound system, live feed, follow on spot, bridal room, flower stand and the like, as well as the exact layout of each restaurant, please visit this link from the Oriental Group.

Wedding packages start at 138++ per pax to 268++ per pax depending on the menu. For detailed menu options for wedding, please visit this link from the Oriental Group.

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