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5 Things You Should Prioritise in Your Wedding Budget

Photo by Iluminen theweddingnotebookcom
Source: An All-White Dreamy Cliff-Top Garden Wedding at Khayangan Estate, Uluwatu

Weddings are expensive. Before you get ahead of yourself, nail down your ‘WEDDING BUDGET’. As a general rule, decide from the get go what parts of the wedding are most important to you. This way you won’t be easily swayed by every pretty picture or inspiration board you come across. With the amount of imagery out there, it’s no wonder all of us gets brain fogged too. In our opinion, these are the 5 things you should prioritise your budget on. At the end of the day your guests will do just fine without a dessert machine, Photo Booth or expensive liquor. 

01# Venue

Some couples underestimate the importance of venue, but if you invest in one that gives you the look and style you like, you might not even require much décor. Think of how much you’ll save on the flowers. If for some reason you are obliged to use a particular venue, consider focusing on your ceremony venue or have a separate, smaller reception for just your friends. A beautiful venue will make all the difference in your photos. Check out our list of top garden wedding venues in a hotel, or the top wedding venues in a non hotel setting or our best looking Chinese restaurants for wedding for ideas and inspiration.

02# Photography 

Splurge on your actual day photography. Look for a good photographer, and explore their style. A good photographer will be able to position themselves in a whim, go with the flow to capture feelings and moments that would be impossible to reiterate. Passionate photographers will go through lengths to get a good shot, experience allows them to anticipate change in movements and go with the flow. And remember, one day you may even get to share them with your children and their children too. Check out top Malaysian photographers here.

03# Catering

Catering takes the spot here because we are after all-Asians, enough said. The Asian culture literally resolves around food so this is a no brainer. Now we’re not saying that you must serve gourmet meals, we are saying that good food makes for a good mood and nothing ruins a meal like cold or soggy food. Since catering is going to take up a huge percentage in your budget anyways, make sure this is one area of your wedding you do not skim on. 

#04 Videographer

Gone are the days of vintage video recorders and the family gathering around a projector – and that is exactly why you need an actual day videographer. Furthermore, most videographer offer actual day editing which will allow you and your guests to view the end result making for a nice presentation. One day, you’ll look back on your wedding day, and you’ll want to revisit these cherished memories on video. Sure, this isn’t something you’ll end up watching every day, but imagine that nostalgic feeling when you do view it.

#05 Decorator/Florist 

Let’s face it DIY weddings are not easy and this is one DIY project you probably want to lay your hands off on. We’d say leave floral arrangements and decor to the experts and you won’t regret it. It’s one less thing to worry about and everyone will be happier that way, your spouse-to-be included.

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