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A Step by Step Guide To Prep for the Perfect Proposal


So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and propose? That’s fantastic! Proposing is both thrilling and slightly nerve-wracking, this is why planning is key to making sure that the proposal is as magical as the moment deserves to be. Here’s a detailed, step-by-step guide to help you ensure everything is perfect before you get down on one knee.

Communicate with Your Partner

Before you start planning a proposal, it’s crucial to have a heart-to-heart with your partner. This doesn’t mean spoiling the surprise by telling them exactly what you plan to do, but rather ensuring that both of you share the same life goals and views on marriage. Understanding each other’s expectations and timelines can help prevent any unwelcome surprises and ensure that the proposal is a joyful occasion for both of you.

Seek Permission from Their Parent(s)

While this tradition may feel a bit old-fashioned to some, asking your partner’s parents for their blessing can be an important gesture of respect in many cultures, particularly in Asia where family values are held in high regard. It not only shows your respect for your partner’s family but also helps in strengthening future family relationships.

Find Out Their Ring Size

A ring that fits perfectly adds to the flawless execution of your proposal. There are several ways to get your partner’s ring size discreetly: borrow one of their rings and take it to a jeweler, enlist the help of their family or friends, or use an online ring size guide.

Purchase an Engagement Ring

Selecting the right engagement ring involves considering your partner’s style, the right gemstone, and your budget. Whether it’s a timeless diamond or a meaningful gemstone, choose something that your partner will love and cherish. Locally, bespoke jewellers can offer unique designs that add a personal touch to your engagement. Learn all about purchasing the perfect engagement ring here.

Store the Ring Safely

The element of surprise is key to a memorable proposal. Once you have the ring, keep it in a safe place away from prying eyes and potential accidents. A lockable drawer or a personal safe are good options. Avoid a sock drawer or a random place in the kitchen.

Consider Insuring the Ring

Engagement rings can be a significant investment. And because life happens—sometimes clumsily so—it’s a good idea to insure the ring. This way, your grand romantic gesture won’t end up costlier than intended in case of unforeseen circumstances, like theft or accidental damage.

Plan Your Proposal

Think about what kind of proposal your partner would love. Whether it’s a grand gesture in a public place or a more intimate moment at a significant location, tailor it to fit your partner’s personality and your shared experiences.A good place to start is to decide if you should propose in public or in private. Next, think about your shared interest or experience, your budget and personalities. These information will serve as good guide on how you should go about proposing to your significant other.

Check the Weather if Planning to Propose Outdoors

If you’re planning to propose outdoors, it’s vital to check the weather forecast. A sunny day is ideal, but having a backup plan for bad weather can save the day. Having said that, bad weather may not necessarily take away with it the romance of the day, staying flexible is key in managing circumstances beyond one’s control.

Consider Hiring a Professional Photographer or Videographer

Capturing the moment of the proposal can preserve this special memory for years to come. Hiring a professional ensures high-quality results, and these spontaneous yet profound moments are caught with finesse.

Pen Down a Short Speech

Even if words aren’t your forte, a little heartfelt spiel goes a long way. Prepare a few heartfelt words to say during the proposal. Your words should reflect your feelings, intentions, and promises you wish to make. Asking yourself why you’d like to spend the rest of your life with this person if a good way to get the word flowing. End your little speech with the big question. Just remember to keep it short as a long speech will likely douse the element of surprise and diffuse the magical moment.

Plan How to Celebrate Afterwards

Think about how you’d like to celebrate after the proposal—perhaps a romantic dinner, a gathering with close friends and family, or a quiet evening to yourselves. This helps extend the joy of the proposal into a full celebration.

Pop the Question

With everything in place, all that’s left is the big moment itself. Take a deep breath, speak from the heart, don’t rush and enjoy the moment.

Crafting the perfect proposal is about blending preparation with spontaneity. Each step you take leading up to the proposal builds towards that perfect moment when you ask your partner to share their life with you. Good luck!

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