5 Reasons Hotels Are Still The Preferred Choice for Weddings

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, Ipoh | Source: A Cosy, Autumn Inspired Wedding

Most wedding planners will tell you that they prefer hotel weddings, and there are many reasons for that. Whilst everyone including ourselves get excited when we come across an unpredictable venue, we do feel a need to caution brides on what to expect if you decide to not have your wedding in a hotel.

01# Logistics 

If the non-hotel space of choice is solely a venue, you will have to put everything together yourself. These include caterers, furniture rental, audiovisual systems, finding nearby lodging for your guests, bartender and alcohol.

02# Avoid Unexpected Expenses

The initial cost of a non-hotel venue may seem lower. However, with all the additional charges, it might eventually cost more. Be prepared for additional charges cover transportation. This may apply if the venue is out-of town, or if your vendor need to bring in more equipment that the venue does not provide.

03# Standard Contracts

Here’s the riskiest part: unlike hotels, a lot of other venues may not provide proper contracts. You might end up spending a lot more than the initial amount that was qouted. The lack of proper procedures could also be frustrating and cause unnecessary stress.

04# Facilities

Facilities may be the last thing on your mind, to avoid surprises on the big day make sure you look into things likee guest parking, room for continents plans, rooms for guests etc. Many venues lack adequate parking spaces for your guests, which could be very inconvenient. Also, there may not be extra rooms for your bridal party to rest or do their makeup. In a hotel, some of your guests may take up rooms if they have young children or if they plan to avoid driving home after drinking. The lack of these facilities may prove difficult for them. Do ensure that the venue is appropriate for your guests, and if it is an outdoor space, make sure there is a contingency plan for rain.

#05 Service

Hotels have unparalleled service. They will have a banquet manager, bellboys to help with carrying items, and a team to assist you. So unless you have a coordinator and a troop of willing and capable friends, you might be better off sticking with a hotel. Food will most likely have to be served buffet style rather than in individual set meals to compensate for the lack of servers. Don’t overlook things like setup and breakdown fees, and don’t be surprise if the venue charges you a hefty cleaning fee after.

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