8 Bridesmaid Proposal Gifting Ideas

'Be My Bridesmaids' Ombre cupcakes in jars by Marry This! theweddingnotebook.com

You may have found your man but you’ll always need your girls. Once you have identified your maid of honour and bridesmaids, it’s time to let your besties know. There are a number of reasons why someone would decline being included as part of the wedding party, one of them may be the added expenses. Therefore, it is crucial to have a personal conversation with each and every one of them before sending out your gift as to avoid pressuring them into saying ‘yes’. The gifts are more of a formality and a nice gesture to show them your appreciation.

#01 For the Bakers and Sweet Lovers.

'Be My Bridesmaids' Ombre cupcakes in jars by Marry This! theweddingnotebook.com

Cakes are great for girls with a sweet tooth. Complete the design with similarly toned cap stickers and personalised napkins. Watch the DIY tutorial video here.

#02 Use Your Venue As Inspiration!

A brilliant gift with a wooden jewellery box, the bride included a variety of cosmetic products that would suit with her wedding theme. In anticipation of a beach wedding, she included pink Chanel nail polish -535 May, lipgloss-‘87 Seashell’, and a waterproof mascara-‘10 Noir’. To top it all off, she filled the boxes with scented beads and seashells.

#03 Include Fancy Stationary

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There aren’t many girls who’s heart doesn’t skip a beat at the sight of beautiful stationary. Mix and match colours, envelopes and tags. Include photos of the two of you from way back when. Personalised notes add the finishing touch.

#04 Something Versatile

To increase the longevity of these gifts, gift your girlfriends something they can use in the future. Make it in your wedding theme colour or get it engraved with their names. Think water tumbler, make-up bags, straw bags. Plus side? They get a sweet reminder of your friendship and your wedding day each time they use it.

#05 Get Dolled Up As A Team

Fit a team bride photoshoot when you’re getting ready during the wedding day. Want your bride squad to look uniformed? Gift them personalised silk robes or even bathroom slippers.

#06 Can’t Go Wrong With Jewellery

Source: Etsy

Select matching earrings or a dainty bangle for your bride squad. A safe bet is to pick something simple and subtle to that would cater to each and every style or personality. The above is a minimalistic gold bangle, complete with engraved personal initials of your bride squad.

#07 Go With The Wedding Theme

Source: Etsy

Straw bags for a tropical wedding, sunglasses for a beach wedding, personalised throw for a mountain wedding, mini bottle of champagne for a classic hotel wedding and the list goes on. Use your theme as creative direction for your search for the best gift.

#08 Spoil Your Girlfriends

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Treat your girlfriends to a spa day, massages or a mani-pedi session. Want to go all out and have the budget for it? Host a weekend getaway-for girls only.

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