15 DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas For Every Skill Level


The Easiest Projects That Won’t Leave You Overwhelmed

Do it yourself wedding decorating can take many forms. But DIY weddings aren’t just about saving money – perhaps you’ve hired a decorator but still you want to get your hands dirty and own certain details your way. Either that or you’re a novice at crafting and would love the challenge of fully decorating your own wedding. After all, it’s the details that make the design. Whatever it is, we’ve rounded up a list of our favourite DIY wedding decor ideas that even a beginner could attempt.

Easy Projects For Beginners

No drills necessary…

1. Wooden Picture Holders

These wooden picture frames are not only cute to look at, they are insanely one of the easiest DIY projects one can attempt to make. Design them according to the theme of your wedding and you’ve got a customised item to dress up your registration or reception table. Instead of paint, use washi tapes for a simpler approach!

DIY Wooden Picture Holders from Passion Shake

2. Eucalyptus Wreaths

The materials for this easy and inexpensive wedding DIY project—floral wire and artificial greenery—are readily available at any arts and crafts retailer. Green florist’s tape is used to fasten eucalyptus sprigs to the wire, with the sprigs overlapping one another to hide the tape. Keep it natural, or dress it up with faux flowers in the wedding’s colour scheme. You can use these to decorate the back of your love seats, or the dessert table.

Eucalyptus Wreaths from Better Homes & Gardens

3. DIY Mini Floral Bouquets

This DIY ceremony chair decoration is the perfect mix of romance and rustic. Due to the perishable nature of fresh flowers, this décor can only be put together just before the big day. However, it goes without saying that this isn’t a project to tackle the first time a day before the wedding day. Few attempts prior is recommended. Better yet, swapping out fresh flowers for faux ones mean that you can make them way before, checking off an item off your long list of to-dos for the day before.

DIY Mini Floral Bouquets from Jen Woodhouse

4. Pot Planter Centerpieces

Centrepieces for a reception do not necessarily need to be displayed in vases. Potted plants make perfect centrepieces for a rustic wedding. DIY wedding decorations like this would be ideal for eco-friendly couples. Double them up as wedding favours guest can bring home.

Inspired from real wedding of Praban and Clare.

5. Chiffon Chair Sashes on Chiavari Chairs

Ever popular yet timeless. This style offers ordinary chairs a luxurious boost, and it is an easy and inexpensive method to add refinement to a space. Purchase chiffon in the colours of your wedding, and be prepared to use a generous amount of draping fabric.

How to Weave Chiffon Chair Sashes from CV Linens

6. Feature Dessert Table

Jessielyee Photography wwwtheweddingnotebookcom

A perfect DIY wedding reception isn’t’ complete without a watering hole in the form of a dessert table, stocked with plenty of tasty goodies to keep guests going strong all night long. Gather, small wooden crates, dessert stands, wooden boards, marble slabs, aluminium trays in various shapes and height to create a tantalising display. Fill the gaps between them with small vases of floral arrangements or candles. Wooden tongs and cute labels complete the overall look.

Be Inspired by this DIY Church Wedding

7. Origami Escort Cards

Credit: Dawn E. Roscoe Photography

Origami is simply the art of folding paper. There are tons of easy origami models for you to choose from. For the couple that loves travelling, an airplane design is a no-brainer. Or perhaps you’d like to include your beloved pet into the decor, an origami cat or dog would be an adorable way to go about it.

Learn How To Fold An Origami at Gathered

8. DIY Table Number Holder

Credit: Pinterest

To use a cork as a card holder, simply run a blade through the top of each cork to create a slit, spray paint candlestick holders to achieve a distressed brass look to bring a bit of vintage charm to your wedding setting.

9. Gilded Displays

There is no provision in the wedding ceremony that prohibits the use of puns. Consider following the example set by this pair. They had toy automobiles that were spray-painted gold and tied with the escort cards of the attendees attending the event, as well as a sign that stated “Find Your Parking Spot Here.” Additionally, young children can use it as a diversion by playing with it during the course of the reception.

Gold Spray Painted Displays by beforethebigday

10. Macrame Backdrop

Nothing screams bohemian louder than a macrame backdrop. A macrame will always have a place in a Boho bride’s list of wedding decor must-have. This project will take a significant amount of time, so if you’re planning on embarking on this DIY craft project, start early! Be inspired by this ambitious DIY bride and her DIY projects.

Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns by Sarahmaker

11. Photo Frame Table Seating Chart

Credit: Pinterest

An inexpensive and simple way to guide your guest to their seats. All you’ll need is a collage photo frame, easily attainable from stores like Ikea. Alternate personal photographs in between the frames. You can choose to either print your seating plan or handwrite them.

12. DIY Mirror Welcome Sign

Credit: Pinterest

Is it even possible to throw a wedding without a welcome signage these days? An elegant way to upscale any wedding celebration would be a mirror display for greeting guests. What we love about this? You can simple remove the wording with nail polish varnish and repurpose the wall mirror in your new home after the event!

DIY Mirror Welcome Signage by Sincerelybo

13. Woven Basket Decals

Credit: Hey Wedding Lady, Pinterest

Easy to source and inexpensive, incorporating woven baskets into your DIY wedding decorations is the perfect solution for a rustic or garden wedding. Fill them with flowers, parasols, door gifts etc. Honestly, it’s so easy we’re not even sure if this can be considered a DIY project!

14. Hanging Flower Garland

Photo by Hellojanelee wwwtheweddingnotebookcom

Beautiful, simple, organic and easy to make. What more can we say? Take inspiration from this couple who threw their wedding in an eco-organic farm in Janda Baik.

Another setting where we think this particular decor will stand out and look amazing? An all white venue, like the one at metal bees. Think art installation vibes!

DIY Hanging Flower Installation by sugarandcloth

15. DIY Confetti Cones

Credit: easyweddings.com.au

These paper cones are so versatile, they don’t have to be limited to carrying confettis. You can even use them as sleeves for sweet treats and snacks during cocktail hour. Personalise them with stamp of your initials or monogram. Additionally, match the material used with the theme of your wedding. For example, craft paper for a rustic theme, wrapping paper with newspaper print for vintage style wedding and paper dollies for a more feminine feel.

DIY Confetti Cones by Hitched

Before committing to a DIY wedding, it would serve you well to know your limitations. In the words of our DIY bride, “If you’re planning to DIY, you need an ‘army’ of helpers. We were rather too ambitious in wanting to do everything ourselves, and that wasn’t possible! Begin very early on and keep things simple but impactful. Don’t underestimate the amount of tedious work to be done, even with ‘simple’ concepts. It would really help if you gathered a reliable team of friends and family for mass production work.”


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