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17 Wedding Invitation Card Designs For Every Style 


Ah, wedding season! A joyous time of year filled with lots of celebrations. We all know decorations are key to creating a beautiful atmosphere. And what better way to set off the festivities than with custom-made invitations? Making sure that your invitation reflects the theme and style of your celebration is essential in making a good first impression on your guests. Designing the perfect invitation card is easy when you know where to start. In this blog post, we’ll explore some ideas for wedding invitations according to the desired wedding theme and style.

1. Fairytale

These invitations are designed to be kept—not just thrown away! Foil stamped drawings of the fairytale-like venue, matte cotton fibre card, illustrated envelope lining and muted tones to make your special day feel like a royal invitation.

2. Destination

A destination wedding invitation can be simple or extravagant. Whatever it is, it serves as an inviting reminder of what your guest should anticipate for your big day. Go to town and have fun with it! This invitation features a stunning, hand-drawn map of the wedding destination with local landmarks to help guests navigate around. It also includes a smaller map for sightseeing during their visit. Hand drawn lemons, trademark of the Amalfi region completes the look.

3. Botanical

Modern and Elegant Wedding at Seven Terraces Hotel, Penang

Botanicals are a versatile choice, suitable for a wide range of wedding theme and style. Although there is a lot to look at, the invites are pleasant not overpowering. To achieve this look, flat digital printing with soft pastel colours are used. Although this style of production doesn’t add tactile dimension, embellishments like ribbons and wax seal used here brings an added visual effects.

4. Glamorous

The invitation envelopes are waxed and sealed with a customised seal of the couple’s initials. Choosing to keep to neutrals, they match the colour palette of the wedding. Gold foil stamping on the edges and calligraphy in copper gives the invitations a regal, luxurious look.

5. Modern

Modern wedding invitation has become a thing of luxury. Traditionally, the invitation has been flamboyant and elaborate. Today, the opposite is true. Invitations are now usually simpler and more refined. This couple kept theirs simple with flat digital printing on card stock paper. Monochromatic photo of the scantily clad couple and solid coloured wax seal depicting ferns were used to inject their edgy and bold personality.

6. Vintage

Deckled edged invitations are timeless. These delicate, antique-looking invitations with rough-cut edges proves that old-school-inspired invite can still feel contemporary. Nothing says vintage quite like slanted calligraphy on off-white paper, feathered edges, old-world stamps and wax seals. Perfect accompaniment for this vintage wedding in Paris.

7. Ultra-feminine

The invitation suite is ultra-feminine, and tailored to the laid-back luxe aesthetic of this couple’s wedding. The base of this set of invites is a luxurious print of herbarium illustrations. Informations are printed on vellum paper for added texture, muting the underlying graphics. Clear or opaque vellum is commonly used in layered invitations to provide depth and interest. A strawberry pink envelope seals everything together.

8. Garden

Rigid, thin sheets of clear material, acrylic invitations are sure to draw notice. Designs can be printed or engraved. But take the queue from this bride, who put two and two together, incorporating pressed florals to create a one-of-a-kind invitation that your guests are not going to forget anytime soon.

9. Minimalist

When it comes to the details of your wedding, you want to be sure that every one of them reflects who you are as a couple. The simple yet elegant design of the minimalist wedding invitation lets the important information speak for itself. This type of invitation is perfect for an intimate gathering with friends and family who will be attending the event. Another great option is to use recycled paper like card stock made from cotton or soy instead of trees. This is a great option if you are planning on being sustainable with your wedding preparations.

10. Alternative

Alternative wedding invitations are always unique, often whimsical, and always fun. It’s a great way to set the tone for your celebration and get your guests excited about the joyous occasion you’ve planned. A cartoon or caricature of the bride and groom is sure to make people smile. There are no rules here; only freedom for personalisation.

11. Oceanfront

If you’re planning on beach or waterfront themed wedding invitation card design, the option is limitless. You can go with rustic with botanicals , minimalist designs and hand-drawn illustrations. Decals like seashells, starfishes would immediately come to mind. However, we are swooning over this set of invitation. The hint is subtle, but the added texture from use of different types of papers and the elegance of quail-egg blue in varying shades makes an impact to their stationary set.

12. Oriental

Keep traditions alive whilst incorporating your own unique artistic flare to the invitation as well. Who says traditional cards have to be dated. Retain the auspicious colour and distinctive oriental motifs but put a spin on everything else. This dainty Chinese wedding invitation resembles a bridal fan, a witty spin to a traditional invitation.

13. Contemporary

This bold and clean invitation card is ripe in simplicity and beauty. From the modern palette consisting of black and beige, no detail goes unnoticed. Remember less is more.

14. Neutral Tones

A neutral invitation card is a great way to welcome guests to a modern celebration. Sharp edges and a textured elements add to the natural feel of the design for this intimate wedding at Nosh, Singapore

15. Romantic

The softest blue and pink paper, white wax seal, and distressed paper blends together so well in this outback wedding at Janda Baik. Complete this look with a loose ribbon to tie everything together in a romantic package.

16. Eco-conscious

Planning a rustic or garden wedding on a budget? These kraft paper invites from an intimate Penang wedding are simplicity at its best. Save more by printing your own. Learn how to here.

17. Retro

 Iconic, British, retro, literary… the postcards embodied all the characteristics we liked, so it was a resounding yes! – Fergus and Athalia. Let Athalia walk you through the development of this design.

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