Over 30 Wedding Cinematographers in Malaysia: 2023


To help our readers assemble their wedding dream team, we’ve put together what we hope would be a comprehensive list of wedding videographers in Malaysia to hire – independently reviewed and in no particular order.

Paper Plane Studio

Based in Kuching

Introducing Paper Plane Studio, a wedding video company that boasts an impressive seven-year history of expertly crafting remarkable love stories. With an unwavering dedication to producing a timeless masterpiece, they imbue each frame with their deep passion for storytelling, guaranteeing that your wedding video will become a cherished heirloom for future generations. Grant them the privilege of accompanying you on this significant occasion, as they skillfully weave the tapestry of your distinctive love story, leaving you with a memory that will forever occupy a special place in your heart.

Website I https://www.paperplanestudio.my/

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/paperplanestudio.my/

Instagram I @paperplanestudio.my

Email I hello@paperplanestudio.my

Contact I 6010-210-1460

Ken Chan Production

Based in Kuala Lumpur

Over the years, Ken Chan Production has amassed a vast collection of wedding images and movies, brimming with heartwarming moments. According to Ken, the uniqueness of each photo and video stems from the couple’s love and compassionate interactions, infusing them with a distinctive touch. As a result, every wedding highlight produced by Ken Chan stands out as a singular masterpiece, showcasing the exceptional artistry and devotion that defines his work.

Website I https://www.kenchanproduction.com

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/kenchanproduction/

Instagram I @kenchan_production

Email I Kenchaninfo@gmail.com

Contact I 6016 -333 – 0178

Beans Pictures

Based in Selangor

Bean Pictures is a renowned cinematography company that excels in capturing the essence and emotion of weddings. With their exceptional skills and creativity, they have established themselves as one of the top wedding cinematographers in Malaysia. Their portfolio showcases a stunning collection of beautifully crafted films that artfully tell the love stories of couples.

Website I http://beanpictures.com.my/

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/beanpictures

Instagram I @bean_pictures_cinematography

Email I bean.moving.pictures@gmail.com

Contact I 6017-785-3314/ 6010-515-8093

Omelette Studio

Based in Petaling Jaya

At Omelette, they offer a range of services including photography, cinematography, and bride makeup. Their work is deeply inspired by the beauty of fine art, capturing precious moments, preserving memories, and embracing the wonders that surround us. With each project, they transform their inspiration into stunning works of art.

Website I https://www.omelett3.com/

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/omelett3/

Instagram I @omelett3_studio

Email I info@omelett3.com

Contact I 6012-776-7141

Motion in Style

Based in Penang

Motioninstyle is a leading wedding service provider that specializes in creating unforgettable moments for couples on their special day. With a team of experienced professionals, they offer a wide range of services including photography, cinematography, event planning, and bridal makeup. Motioninstyle understands the importance of capturing every precious moment and transforming them into timeless memories.

Website I http://motioninstyle.com/

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/motioninstyle/

Instagram I @motioninstyle

Email I wedding@motioninstyle.com

Contact I 6016-800-4896

The Subtle Film

Based in Kuala Lumpur

Subtle Film Wedding Cinematography is a renowned studio that specializes in capturing weddings with a delicate and understated approach. With their unique artistic vision, they create films that exude elegance and capture the true essence of the couple’s love story.

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/thesubtlefilm/

Instagram I @thesubtlefilm

Email I thesubtlefilm@gmail.com

Contact I 6012-397-9782

JC Studio Film

Based in Subang Jaya

JC Studio Films is a dedicated group of professionals who excel in creating exceptional wedding films. Although headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, they often embark on global journeys to fulfill their wedding assignments. Committed to their craft, they continuously adapt to emerging shooting techniques and trends, while remaining faithful to their clients’ unique identities. For JC Studio Films, each wedding and couple represents an untold tale waiting to unfold. There is no pre-written script; instead, they focus on capturing genuine emotions and fleeting moments in the most imaginative and artistic manner imaginable.

Website I http://jcstudio.com/

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/jcstudiofilms/

Instagram I @jcstudiofilms

Email I ask@jcstudiofilms.com

Contact I 6012-979-2221

Doodle Studio

Based in Kuala Lumpur

Doddle Studio Wedding Cinematography is the product of a courageous leap of faith taken by Jared and his wife in 2008. Driven by their desire to pursue their true passions and break away from conventional norms, they ventured into the unfamiliar realm of the wedding industry. Starting with humble beginnings, they possessed nothing but an unwavering love for weddings and a simple aspiration to create the most exquisite and memorable wedding moments for couples.

Website I https://www.doodlestudio.my/

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/doodlestudioMALAYSIA/

Instagram I @doddle_studio

Email I doodlestudioenquiry@gmail.com

Contact I 6014-5138-166

Toi Films

Based in Selangor

In 2018, TØIFILMS was born with a belief that every couple deserves exceptional wedding photography and videography to immortalize their unique love stories. As an independently owned, full-service production house, TØIFILMS is dedicated to creating intimate and high-quality wedding photos and videos.

Website I https://www.toifilms.com/

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/toifilms

Instagram I @toifilms

Email I admin@venturehour.com.my

Contact I 6012-823-7867

We Are Films Story

Based in Petaling Jaya

Film Story Wedding Cinematography is a visionary studio that brings the art of storytelling to life through their exceptional wedding films. With a deep understanding that every couple has a unique narrative to share, Film Story approaches each project with meticulous attention to detail and a keen eye for capturing the most significant moments.

Instagram I @wearefilmstory

Contact I 6010-814-0374

The Pause Studios

Based in Selangor

Pause Studios comprises a team of enthusiastic young individuals who share a deep passion for the art of wedding cinematography/videography and photography. They are united by a common dream – to collaboratively freeze invaluable moments in time in a creative and profound manner. Though the journey isn’t without its challenges, the process and gratification of capturing these extraordinary moments on your most significant day continuously draw them back to the exhilarating task.

Website I https://www.thepausestudios.com

Instagram I @thepausestudios

Email I thepausestudios@gmail.com

Contact I 6016-238-9326

Autumn Story

Based in Kuala Lumpur

Autumn Story Wedding Cinematography is a captivating studio that specializes in capturing the enchanting beauty of fall weddings. With a deep appreciation for the unique charm and colors that autumn brings, Autumn Story brings a distinct touch to their wedding films. Their team of talented cinematographers artfully captures the golden hues, crisp air, and romantic atmosphere that define this magical season.

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/autumnstoryofficial/

Instagram I @autumnstoryofficial

Email I theautumnstory@gmail.com

Contact I 6011-2406-4689

Films by Koh Studio

Based in Penang

FilmsbyKoh Wedding Cinematography is a highly respected and innovative company that specializes in skillfully capturing the enchantment and essence of weddings. With their exceptional cinematography expertise, they have the ability to beautifully portray the intricate details and deep emotions that make each couple’s love story so unique.

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/filmsbykohstudio/

Instagram | @filmsbykoh

Contact I 6016-381-9890

Nigel Sia

Based in Kuala Lumpur

Under the leadership of Nigel Sia since its establishment in 2006, this team is dedicated to creating timeless films that will continue to narrate your unique story for years to come. These films will become cherished visual heirlooms, forever preserving the essence of your cherished memories.

Website I https://www.nigelsia.com/

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/VisualStory/

Instagram I @nigelsia.vs

Email I hello@nigelsia.com

Mix Century

Based in Kuala Lumpur

The team at Mix Century is passionate about storytelling and believes in capturing genuine moments that reflect the unique love story of each couple. Their skilled cinematographers and photographers have an impeccable eye for detail and a knack for capturing those intimate, fleeting moments that make weddings so special.

Website I https://mixcentury.com.my/

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/mixcentury/

Instagram I @mixcentury

Email I mixcentury@gmail.com

Contact I 6012-966-8085


Based in Kuala Lumpur

Oh Dawie Wedding Cinematography is the brainchild of a singularly talented individual who possesses a remarkable passion for capturing the essence and romance of weddings. With an unwavering dedication to his craft, Dawie is a true artist, skillfully weaving together moments and emotions to create breathtaking wedding films.

Instagram I @ohdawie

Contact I 6013-267-5940

Yours Truly Production

Based in Kuala Lumpur

Yours Truly Entertainment is a rising star in the world of wedding event planning, based in the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur. With a fresh and innovative approach, they bring a touch of magic to every celebration they curate. From the initial concept to the final execution, Yours Truly Entertainment goes above and beyond to create unforgettable experiences for its clients.

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/YoursTrulyEventsEntertainment/

Instagram I @yourstruly.ent

Email I yourstruly1707@gmail.com

Contact I 6012-311-2406

Momentous Motion Pictures

Based in Kuala Lumpur

Momentous Motion Pictures is a renowned company that specializes in capturing the essence of weddings through the lens of genuine and heartfelt moments. They understand that what truly matters are the touching, intimate, and happy moments that make each wedding unique. Instead of creating conventional wedding videos, Momentous Motion Pictures focuses on capturing the love and chemistry between couples, ensuring that the authenticity of the day is preserved.

Website I https://www.momentousmp.com/

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/momentousmotionpictures/

Contact I 6017-335-0441

By Tales of Dawn

Based in Selangor

Venli and Yong Xian are the creative minds behind Tales of Dawn, a wedding storytelling company that believes every wedding is a unique and heartfelt event. With a focus on capturing authentic moments, they strive to create a story that can make couples truly feel the emotions of their special day.

Website I https://www.bytalesofdawn.com/

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/bytalesofdawn

Instagram I @bytalesofdawn

Email I info.bytales@gmail.com

Contact I 6016-406-3099


Based in Selangor

Kretpictures specializes in creating captivating narratives of your wedding day through expertly crafted and professional video recordings. Their team of videographers is not only highly skilled but also extremely accommodating, ensuring that they meet your specific requests regarding the content of the video. Notably, their responsiveness and efficiency in communication make the collaboration process seamless. With a strong commitment to delivering a satisfactory end product, Kretpictures guarantees that you will receive your beautifully crafted video within the agreed timeline.

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/kretpictures/

Instagram I @kretpictures

Email I kretpictures@gmail.com

Contact I 6018-974-4985

Neptune View Studio

Based in Selangor

At Neptune View Studio, a deep passion for imagery and cinematographic excellence drives their work. Their philosophy centers around authenticity and capturing the essence of each couple’s unique story through their lenses. With a keen eye for detail, they skillfully capture special moments and genuine emotions, preserving them in motion pictures. Their ultimate goal is to create beautiful and heartwarming memories that come to life, allowing you to look back upon them and reminisce with a smile.

Website I https://www.nvstudio.com.my/

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/nvstudio/

Instagram I @neptuneviewstudio

Email I catherine.nvstudio@gmail.com

Contact I 6016-209-1437

Filming Art

Based in Kuala Lumpur

Filming Art, established in 2002 by Film Director Yiewin Kang, is a collective of passionate individuals who share a love for the art of filming. At Filming Art, cinematography is not just a profession, but a true passion, and their purpose is to bring joy to couples in love. Their mission is to capture every significant moment of your wedding day as it naturally unfolds, skillfully transforming them into a visually breathtaking cinematic masterpiece. With their unique storytelling approach, they create a film that distinctively portrays your wedding story, leaving you with a timeless and enchanting memory on film.

Website I https://www.filmingart.info/

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/FilmingArt

Instagram I @filmingart

Email I filmingart@hotmail.com

Contact I 6016-249-5452

Beezworks Productions

Based in Kuala Lumpur

Beezworks Productions is a reputable wedding videography production company committed to creating top-notch high-definition products. They provide an extensive array of services, with a specific focus on film and video production. They are flexible in working with your ideas, ensuring they meet the given timeline and budget. By incorporating digital technology, artistic creativity, and exceptional customer service, they guarantee the delivery of exceptional wedding videography that exceeds expectations.

Website I http://www.beezworks.com.my/

Facebook I http://www.facebook.com//beezworks

Email I beezworks.production@gmail.com

Contact I 6016-221-2502

Biglens Studio

Based in Selangor

Biglens Studio is an expert in providing top-quality wedding videos with a strong focus on professionalism. They take great pride in their ability to beautifully capture your story by skillfully utilizing natural lighting, composition, and sound. With a genuine passion for their craft, they guarantee the creation of exceptional motion masterpieces, ensuring that your wedding videos are filmed and delivered flawlessly. Their team is dedicated to preserving every moment of your special day through meticulous and detail-oriented recordings. Their ultimate goal is to create movies that are elegantly simple yet leave a lasting impact on anyone who watches them.

Website I https://biglensstudio.net/

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/biglensstudio.my/

Instagram I @biglensstudio

Email I biglens.studio@gmail.com

Contact I 6012-467-9913

Crazy Monkey Studio

Based in Kuala Lumpur

Crazy Monkey Studio is a dynamic collective of passionate filmmakers who share a deep love for storytelling. Their mission is to take captivating stories and transform them into beautiful and meaningful films. With their creative vision and dedication to their craft, they breathe new life into narratives, capturing the essence of each story and presenting it in a visually stunning and emotionally resonant way.

Website I http://www.crazymonkeystudio.com/

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/crazymonkeystudio

Instagram I @crazymonkeystudio

Email I enquiry@crazymonkeystudio.com

Contact I 6012-329-2238

Where’s The Fish

Based in Kuala Lumpur

Where’s the Fish has the power to turn your wedding into a fairytale-like artistic storytelling experience. With their team of young, creative, and artistic individuals, they have the ability to bring your dream wedding film to life. Where’s the Fish specializes in sharing and enhancing love stories, adding their unique touch to create a story that you will truly cherish. They have a deep passion for capturing and presenting love stories in a way that will leave a lasting impact on your heart. When you choose Where’s the Fish, you can expect a wedding film that is filled with magical moments and flavors that will make it a story you’ll absolutely adore.

Website I http://wheresthefish.com.my/

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/wheresthefishproductions

Instagram I @wheresthefishproduction

Email I catch@wheresthefish.com

Contact I 6017-814-9699


Based in Johor

With state-of-the-art equipment at their disposal, iStudio guarantees the capture of every precious moment on your special day, transforming them into a whimsical and elegant wedding film.

Website I http://www.istudio.com.my/iStudio

Instagram I @istudio_motion_pictures

Email I enquiry@istudio.com.my

Contact I 607-338-2188

KOA Production

Based in Kuala Lumpur

KOA Production skillfully captures the memories of the wedding from various angles and perspectives, resulting in comprehensive and visually stunning coverage. The use of vibrant colors adds another layer of beauty to the photographs, while a touch of choreography and creativity brings in a hint of drama and an abundance of love. The attention to detail is remarkable, highlighting elements such as the bride’s exquisite hair, the elegant color scheme, and the genuine affection reflected on the faces of the couple and their loved ones. The cinematography by KOA Production is truly lovely, evoking a warm and heartfelt emotion.

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/kocreativeartfilmmaker/

Email I kocreativeart@gmail.com

Contact I 6014-639-1949

Bigday Cinematography

Based in Kuala Lumpur

Bigday Team consists of a group of highly creative and innovative individuals who are driven by passion, diligence, and an abundance of enthusiasm. Since our inception, we have successfully organized and managed numerous events, including weddings, earning us a substantial base of satisfied customers. Over the years, Bigday Team has expanded its expertise into the visual industry, specializing in professional cinematography, videography, and photography. In addition to these services, we have also ventured into related industries such as live band performances and make-up services, further diversifying our offerings to cater to a wider range of client needs.

Website I http://www.bigday-video.com/

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/BigdayVideography/

Instagram I @bigday.cinematography

Email I info@bigday-video.com

Contact I 6012-314-9720

Blissfeel Filming

Based in Kuala Lumpur

Blissfeel Filming is a renowned film production company that specializes in capturing the essence of pure bliss and emotion through its exceptional cinematography. With a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals, they have the expertise to create breathtaking films that transport viewers into a world of enchantment and wonder.

Website I https://blissfeel.com.my/

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/blissfeel/

Email I info@blissfeel.com

Contact I 6019-438-8658

Faridism Production

Based in Kuala Lumpur

In the early days of 2008, Faridism Photography came into existence as a part-time hobby and passion project. As our managing director gained valuable experience as a freelance photographer, he witnessed the rapid growth of the photography industry and recognized the bright future it held. Encouraged by the support received and driven by his own unwavering passion for photography, Faridism Enterprise was officially registered with SSM in 2014, marking our official entry into the photography industry. Initially, our focus was solely on photography, but by the end of 2015, we expanded our services to include videography and live feed services in our packages. Today, we are recognized as Faridism Production, offering a comprehensive range of services to capture and preserve the precious moments of our clients’ lives.

Website I http://www.faridismphotography.com/

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/faridismproduction/

Instagram I @faridismphotography

Email I sales@faridism.com

Contact I 603-2303-1767

NP Photovideo

Based in Selangor

NPphotovideo is a wedding videography company that specialises in capturing the magic and emotions of your special day. With a team of skilled and experienced professionals, they are dedicated to creating timeless and captivating wedding films that tell your unique love story.

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/NPphotovideo/

Instagram I @npphotovideo

Email I sales@npphotovideo.com

Contact I 6016-361-8108


Based in Selangor

With a track record of over 15 years in the market, iSimplez offers a comprehensive range of photography and videography services, extending its reach to cover overseas projects as well. iSimplez prides itself on being a one-stop solution for all photography and videography needs.

Website I https://www.isimplez.com/

Facebook I https://www.facebook.com/iSimplez/

Instagram I @isimplez_photography

Email I isimplez@live.com

Contact I 6016-236-6408

Live Laife

Based in Kuala Lumpur

LIve Laife cherishes the heartfelt, intimate, and joyous moments that make a wedding truly exceptional. They prioritise capturing the authentic spirit of your day, refraining from staged actions that don’t reflect your true selves. With their low contrast video style, they create a natural and subtle visual aesthetic. Your wedding video will be a timeless keepsake, preserving the genuine and everlasting memories of your special day.

Instagram | @livelaife

Contact | 6012-290-9072


Looking for a vintage style with black-and-white or sepia tone effect that will result in romantic videos that look like it’s professionally homemade? Then WhoDatJon is your go-to person. Unpretentious, raw and beautifully made. his videos will capture the true emotions and essence of your wedding day.

Instagram | @whodatjon

Contact | 6012-478-0819

Just Another Production

Based in Petaling Jaya

Award winning video producers who aren’t afraid to venture and experiment. If you’re couple looking to break away from just another wedding video, this is the team for you! Travelling often to create digital films for couples, they are true experts in their field with the passion to boot.

Instagram | @just.another.production

Facebook | Just Another Production

Contact | 6016-964-9014


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