A Sweet Reunion of Hearts at The Acres Resort


James and Joyce were childhood friends who reconnected after 18 years of lost contact during the global pandemic. James and Joyce met as primary schoolmates, but life took them on separate paths. James to Germany and Joyce to Australia. They met again during a group hike with mutual friends. As Joyce recalls, “After that hike, we both knew there was something special between us.”

The Acres Resort was the perfect wedding venue for Joyce and James. Joyce and her family had previously vacationed there shortly after the pandemic, and Joyce felt a connection with the resort almost immediately she imagined it as a potential wedding venue. She kept her thoughts to herself at first, but when it came time to plan their wedding, she shared her feelings with James who approved wholeheartedly.

The couple wanted their wedding to be a personal celebration rather than a business networking event. Both are successful business owners, but their desire for an intimate ceremony extended to the guest list, which included 110 people at The Acres Resort and 250 more at the reception at ParkRoyal Hotel.

The wedding décor theme at The Acres Resort focused on celebrating nature’s beauty. They opted for a simple, elegant setup that wouldn’t overshadow the breathtaking natural surroundings. Personal touches infused their special day. Joyce designed the wedding invitations herself, putting her unique touch on every detail. Her dress featured custom-made beadwork, reflecting her style and personality, while James wore an independent watch from his best friend’s company, symbolising their shared journey as business partners.

The exchange of vows and their first look were the most memorable moments of their special day. Joyce’s nervous excitement added authenticity to their first look. Their personal vows echoed a beautiful synchronicity in their love.

Joyce and James had a second event at Park Royal Collection Kuala Lumpur where most of the guests were family members. For this event, Joyce said she enjoyed planning it herself and coordinating everything while the emphasis for them is on gathering important family members instead of worrying about décor details. The event required minimal floral details as existing light features of the ballroom was a bonus added a glamorous ambience to the space. Since James’ father’s birthday happened to be on the same date as well, they surprised him with a celebration altogether with relatives who attended his wedding ceremony.

James and Joyce offered sage advice to couples planning their own weddings: “Don’t be too anxious.” They encouraged other couples to savour every moment rather than obsessing over perfection. Joyce shared a heartwarming example of how her initial anxiety about the father-daughter dance with her dad turned into a cherished memory.

James and Joyce gave their photographer and videographer high praises. “Their works are just amazing, very well done.” They were also grateful for the food truck and dessert vendor Llao Llao who made the journey to their intimate gathering at The Acres Resort despite the small number of guests there were having.

Vendor checklist:

Venue: The Acres Resort

Photographer : Louis Gan

Videographer : Bean Pictures Cinematography

Planner: Peak Experience

Decorator: Peak Events

Makeup Artist : Kitt Ho

Hair : Chloe Pang

Bridal Dress: Lee Petra Grebeneau, Lane JT @lanejtvn

Bridal Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Groom’s Suit: Zegna

Bridesmaids attire: Xander Kloths

Emcee: Emcee Wei Wei

Entertainment : Good Feeling Music @goodfeeling.music

Caterer : Bucolic Catering , Llao Llao, Lok Lok Truck

Venue: Parkroyal Collection, Kuala Lumpur

Photographer : By Tales of Dawn

Videographer : By Tales of Dawn

Decorator: Props and Petals

Makeup Artist : Kitt Ho

Hair : Chloe Pang

Bridal Dress: Berta

Bridal Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Groom’s Suit: Zegna

Entertainment: Wildflowers Music @wildflowersmusic.official

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